Natsbi Steamed Duck 200g pouch

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Natsbi Steamed Duck is a stylish combination of light chicken thigh meat (60%) and slightly spicy boneless duck meat (30%) with brown rice (5%) and dried vegetables (4%).
Gastronomic feed for pets.
We understand gastronomy as the art and technique of preparing food so that it is more nutritious and pleasant to consume, more attractive and desirable.
Natsbi is a combination of the skill of Pako Perez, an international chef with 5 Michelin stars, and Ramon Mitjana's forty years of experience in pet food. Natsbi is an alternative to dry pellets; gastronomy applied to animal feed; maximum natural food, minimal processing of ingredients, preparation without adding water.
Natsbi is complete, maximally natural nutrition; an alternative to extruded granules and a transparent composition; an alternative to the BARF diet, as well as comfort for owners and safety.

Natsbi is for those who:

wants as natural as possible for his dogs

looking for an alternative to pellets

cooks for his dogs

disappointed with the BARF diet

food lovers who want to share these emotions with their dogs.

Gosbi offers dishes developed from a gastronomic point of view, developed with the help of new cooking technologies and with high nutritional content.
Natsbi represents a new generation of dishes based on the quality of ingredients, simplicity of recipes and advanced cooking techniques. The result is amazing taste and texture.
Natsbi are made without water, have minimally processed ingredients and are based on 100% natural and balanced recipes. This feed is something new, innovative, because it is completely different from all hydrated products on the market, because they are prepared without adding water, which gives a higher energy density (more kilocalories per gram). Natsbi are steamed, which gives a higher nutritional concentration – vitamins and nutrients are not diluted in the cooking water.
Does your dog want a more natural diet? Having problems with appetite? Does not eat pelleted food? Does the BARF diet take away your nose? Is he losing his teeth? Then you should definitely try Natsbi!